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Are you a craft brewer looking to partner with a brewery to get your beer out there? Contract canning is an increasingly popular option for smaller craft breweries that don't have the resources to can their beer. It allows you to take advantage of another brewery's production and packaging capabilities to get your beer into the market.

What is contract canning?

Contract canning involves having an outside partner to can your beer or other beverages. The process involves the client contracting with a third party, often referred to as a contract canner, to produce, package, and ship their product. Contract canning services offer many benefits to brewers and distilleries, including cost savings and improved efficiency in the production process.

In contract canning, the brewery can provide the recipe, ingredients, and packaging materials; we can then design the recipe, brew, package, label and ship.

By partnering with a contract canner, a brewery can save on purchasing and installing canning equipment and training personnel to operate it.

Contract canning also offers increased efficiency in the production process. The contract canner will typically have state-of-the-art canning equipment allowing for quicker and more consistent production. Additionally, contract canners commonly have experienced staff knowledgeable in the field and capable of troubleshooting problems that may arise during production. This helps ensure that the beer is packaged quickly and correctly with minimal waste.
Overall, contract canning provides a cost-effective way for breweries and distilleries to package and distribute their products without purchasing equipment or hiring additional staff. By partnering with an experienced contract canner, a brewery can have its product canned efficiently.

Key benefits of contract canning

  • An attractive option for many brewers looking to break into the beer industry
  • A cost-effective way to get your beer into cans without investing in the expensive equipment
  • No need to spend time training staff.
  • No costs for maintaining machinery
  • Take advantage of the experience and expertise of the brewery's canning staff.
  • Reach a larger market and expand your business more quickly.

The prosses

Contract canning can involve many different steps depending on the brewer's needs. Generally, this will include preparing the ingredients for production, monitoring the fermentation process, cleaning and sanitizing the equipment, and filling and sealing the cans.
Each step of the process must be handled professionally and consistently to produce a quality product. Experienced operators are typically used to ensure that all these steps are done correctly. They have the knowledge and experience to monitor the fermentation process, fill and seal cans correctly, and perform quality control checks along the way.
In addition to the quality control checks, contract canning helps brewers maintain consistency in the final product. By working with an experienced partner, brewers can rest assured that their beer is packaged with the same high standards each time.

Finding the right contract canning partner

It's crucial to find the right partner for your business. With so many breweries and other canning facilities available, it can be a challenge to find the right one for you.
A vital factor to consider when selecting a contract canning partner is your relationship with them. You want a partner willing to work with you and understand your goals and needs. The best way to determine this is by visiting the brewery, meeting their team and discussing how they can help make your beer a success.

Ultimately, contract canning is an invaluable tool for any brewer looking to produce high-quality beers on a large scale. The experienced partners involved in this process provide brewers with a comprehensive solution that ensures their products are consistent and of the highest quality.

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