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About Our Brewery

The fermentation project from the team behind Geterbrewed. The aim is to experiment with brewing and blending techniques to bridge the gap between beer and wine, explore historical techniques, and merge with modern equipment to create some unique beers, with time and patience playing a key role in the development.

Spontaneous Fermentation is a project we have experimented with since opening the brewery, and it's been a fascinating journey. Opting for a turbid mashing regime, we create a complex variety of starches and sugars before boiling, then send them to a coolship to cool the wort naturally. This allows the terroir around the brewery and the natural microflora to inoculate the wort and ferment naturally with yeasts that live in the air.

The malts used are often heritage varieties or complex speciality malts made by the finest Belgian Maltsters. We have been ageing some beautiful beers in the large ex-wine foeders that we sourced made from Limousine Oak which is renowned for its ageing qualities.

We have carefully selected a range of bespoke ex-wine and spirit barrels to allow us to create unique barrels for blending. The initial installation of large Oak Foeders has been complimented with an exciting range of barrels to allow for blending genuinely unique beers.

Exploring Nordic brewing techniques and historical brewing practices like Keptinus baked beer has been a beautiful project to immerse ourselves in. We are approaching the development of our beers as a sensory project and baking. Creating a malliard reaction and caramelisation of the sugars has allowed us to create a very complex and impressive beer.

The main aim of Our Brewery is the fermentation project using historical techniques, quality ingredients and a natural influence from the environment in which we are based. The beers we create at Our Brewery require significant time and patience to develop and evolve. We have made some fresh beers in the range of pressurised stainless steel cylindrical-conical fermenters we have on-site, but that is simply to cover overheads.

Researching and Developing new brewing practices is a driving factor in how we approach recipe design. Pushing the boundaries of Fermentation using the finest ingredients that allow us to brew beers that we are passionate about and provides time to develop layers of complexity.


Our Brewery
86 Clonkeen Road
Randalstown, Northern Ireland
BT41 3JJ

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